Vindico Water: Pure New Zealand

Deep: Pure New Zealand Water

Deep is one of the smoothest, best tasting,
natural spring waters in the world.

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Vindico Water is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vindico Negociants,
a wine solutions company that markets and sells New Zealand wines around the world.
With New Zealand's clean, green environment, Vindico Water is developing a range
of water brands tailored to specific markets.

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Michael Daymond-King Director—International Brand Manager michael(at)
Paul Burgin Chief Financial Officer and Purchasing Director paul(at)

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Deep: New Zealand Water

Deep begins its journey in the Antarctic and travels across the
ice-cold South Pacific Ocean before falling as rain, high in the mountains
of New Zealand. From here it undergoes a 50 year natural filtration process
before collecting 300m underground in the Otakiri Artesian Aquifer, one
of the deepest, highest quality water sources in the world.

Natural energy

Deep is a natural energy water that helps restore your energy levels and stimulates your brain and body.

Improved skin

A natural filtration process produces a high level of colloidal silica, promoting anti-aging and improving your skin’s texture and elasticity.

Body balance

Deep has a natural pH of 7.2, and this natural alkalinity helps balance the acidity of modern diets and stressful lives by increasing oxygen to our cells.

Great taste

High levels of silica and softness and an alkaline pH level make Deep one of the smoothest, best tasting natural spring waters in the world.

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Michael Daymond-King
Director—International Brand Manager

Paul Burgin
Chief Financial Officer and Purchasing Director